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Captains' Welcome

Our Three Captains '14-15
Alice Farrell, Wilfried Genest, Jack Emmins
Welcome to our website. Founded in 1825, LMBC is the rowing club of St John's College, Cambridge.

The year 2013-2014 proved a particularly solid for the Boat Club.

In Michaelmas, the first Women's Boat won Uni IVs and Fairbairns' (again in IVs) while the first Novice Women's Boat won the Clare Novice Regatta and Novice Fairbairn's. The Second Novice Men's Boat also won the Clare Novice Regatta.

In Lents, the Men's first and second boat both came 2nd in the Head to Head race while the Men's second, third and fourth boats were the fastest boats second, third and fourth boats respectively in the Newnham Short Course. In the Lents Bumps, M1, M2 and M3 went up two and on the Men's side LMBC is currently 4th on the river for the Lents. On the Women's side, W1 kept its place on the river. Two Men's boat and one Women's boat raced Kingston's Head on the Thames.

In Easter Term, the Second Men's boat won its division in St Radegund Mile and Champs VIII Head while the First Men's boat won the Spring Head to Head. Both boats took part in the Bedford Regatta. The First Women's boat came 2nd in Nines' Regatta and joint 3rd in Champs VIII. In the May Bumps, M1 rowed over every day and remained 3rd on the river. M3, M4 and M5 all went up three. W1 went up two and is now 8th on the river. A M1/M2 composite failed very narrowly to qualify for the Temple Challenge Cup but won the IM3 Final B at the Marlow Regatta and the Reading Town Regatta. There is much pressure for the club to build up on this momentum for this new year 2014-2015 and we are dedicated to put all assets on our side to perform even better. The Fellow's boat has in fact already been leading by example winning their division of the Cambridge Autumn Regatta.

Vive Laeta.

May Bumps 2014
womens-side m1-mays